Becoming a partner of IDSMA-2DIS means participating in development and innovation in a constantly changing world.
It means contributing to the realization of ideals in a new spirit, with new perspectives and a new vision for future generations.

Our partners

IDSMA-2DIS partnership programs

You wish to become a partner of IDSMA-2DIS. Here’s how:

Partnership procedure

  1. Take note of the IDSMA-2DIS charter of values (see the link below) or document IDS_2. If you agree with the content, print it, sign and date it.
  2. Complete the IDS_1 form at the end of the page
  3. Send this form and the IDSMA-2DIS charter of values duly signed and dated to the following email address:
    This address is also mentioned in the IDS_1 form.

What to do once the form has been submitted?
Please be patient, a representative of the IDSMA-2DIS structure will contact you.

Become a partner