The IDSMA-2DIS Group is a group of companies spread all over the world. We are happy to present them to you.


✓Promotions and construction of individual houses
✓Promotion and construction of other types of residential construction
✓Residential Building Renovation
✓Light industrial buildings and factories
✓Commercial buildings
✓Renovation of non-residential building
✓Power plants and related infrastructure
✓Oil or gas infrastructure and related construction
✓Oil and gas pipelines
✓Large Industrial structure
✓Roads, Streets and Bridges
✓Water supply system and sewage networks
✓Power and telecommunications transmission lines
✓ Other engineering works
✓Drilling of water wells
✓Installation of septic tank
✓Hot air heating
✓Installation of heat transfer fluid heating system and air conditioning system
✓ Sheet metal work and other work on pipe
✓Industrial piping works
✓Installation of automatic fire extinguisher
✓Installation of commercial refrigeration equipment
✓Installation of environmental control equipment
✓Installation and assembly of large equipment
✓Installation of thermal insulation
✓Electrical works
✓Plastering and roughcasting
✓Dry wall works
✓Installation of acoustic materials
✓Painting and decoration work

✓Installation of terrazzo and tiles
✓Excavation and leveling work
✓Equipment rental
✓Asphalting works
✓ Fence installation
✓Pile driving
✓Reinforcement of concrete with steel
✓Concrete pouring and finishing
✓Installation of prestressed concrete
✓Structural works and carpentry
✓Assembly of steel structures
✓Masonry work
✓Installation and repair of coating
✓Installation of glassware and glazing
✓ Insulation work
✓Installation of shingles for roofs
✓Installation of sheet metal roofing or any other material
✓Installation of gas piping and hot air heating systems
✓Installation of hardwood flooring
✓Installation of simple flooring and carpets
✓Installation of elevators and escalators
✓Installation of ornamental elements and other metal worked parts ✓Installation of private pools
✓Management of construction works
✓Granite quarry
✓ Limestone quarry
✓Marble Quarry
✓Sandstone quarry
✓Shale quarry
✓Sand pit and gravel pit
✓Sharing and distribution of electricity
✓Water supply


Property management service

✓Operator of residential building and housing
✓Non-residential building operator

2DIS Maritime International

2DIS Maritime International est un holding qui possède les entreprises 2DIS Pêche, 2DIS Import-Export et 2DIS Oil Rig.

Logo 2DIS pêche
Logo - 2DIS Global Sources Import-Export
Logo 2DIS-Oil Rig
2DIS Transit

✓Salt water fishing
✓freshwater fishing
✓Oil and natural gas extraction
✓ Contract drilling of oil and natural gas wells
✓Water transport of passengers and goods
✓Marine towing
✓Vessel charter
✓Cargo handling
✓Port authorities
✓Sea rescue
✓Ship pilot service
✓Shipping Agency
✓Natural gas transport by gas pipeline
✓Transportation of crude oil by pipeline
✓Boat rental and marina
✓Oil exploration
✓Oil production
✓Transport logistics technology
✓Naval Architecture Technology
✓Marine Mechanical Engineering Technique

2DIS Agri

✓Mixed Livestock and Poultry Farming
✓Cereal cultivation
✓Corn cultivation
✓Potato cultivation
✓Mixed cultivation of fruits and vegetables
✓ Livestock, field crops and horticultural production

2DIS Transport

Logo 2DIS-Transport

Includes the following companies:

Automobile production
1- 2DIS-Aviation and Aeronautics
2- 2DIS-Tram-Way
3- My 2DIS mover
4- 2DIS Drain
5- Bonjour 2dis Taxi
6- 2DIS Automotive

✓Air transport (scheduled flight)
✓Specialized transport
✓Operation and maintenance of airports
✓service related to air transport
✓Aircraft rental
✓Aircraft maintenance
✓Transportation and rail services
✓Ordinary Goods Trucking
✓Moving and storage of goods
✓Urban public transport
✓Interurban and rural public transport
✓School bus transportation
✓Limousine services at airports and train stations
✓Tourist transport
✓New car dealership
✓Used car dealership ✓Automotive production
✓Motor vehicle industry


✓Radio broadcast
✓Built-in Broadcast and TV
✓Production of film and visual material
✓Distribution of film and visual material
✓Film and visual material laboratory
✓Sound recording service
✓Film and video production
✓Ordinary movie theater
✓Outdoor film screening
✓ Entertainment and artists agency

2DIS Connect Telecom

✓Telephone and cable networks
✓Telephone networks
✓Internet service provider and search portal sites
✓Reseller of telecommunications service

2DIS Service courrier

Property management service

✓Operator of residential building and housing
✓Non-residential building operator

2DIS Entreposage

✓Grain silos
✓Cold warehouse
✓Other storage services

2DIS Maintenance-cleaning and maintenance

✓Laundry and dry cleaning
✓Dispensing or dry cleaning agent
✓Garment care, pressing or repair
✓Linen supply
✓Carpet cleaning
✓Disinfection and extermination service
✓Window cleaning service
✓Concierge and maintenance service
✓Governors and governesses
✓Waiters and waitresses
✓Cooks and cooks

2DIS Bank-Dev

✓International financial cooperative

Health and Social Services Center

✓Short-term care hospital center
✓ Extended care hospital center for convalescents
✓Hospital center for long-term patients
✓Transition Center
✓Rehabilitation center for the physically handicapped
✓Hands and minds rehabilitation center

2DIS-International Placement

2DIS deposit center

2DIS Driving school

2DIS Institute of hotel and tourism

2DIS Shopping center

2DIS waste processing

2DIS Food processing

2DIS General Mechanics

2DIS Printing


2DIS-Sleep Expert

2DIS Production of Art, Sewing, Fashion, Beauty

2DIS-Art Store

2DIS-Hunting and Fishing Area